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Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 7:02 AM By: Lady_Cockroach

okay guys and girls...so this happened to me:
Since a while i am by an psychologist,to tell ya why would be to long,but i can say it have a lot to do with my accidents,op´s,other things and this family shit...
I have a big problem with sleep disorder,and so my school notes are going worser and worser. AND than there is this thing with my grandma and now the Law has to talk with my dad..
i have the feeling my world is broking down! i cant go on and so my psychologist had the idea to bring me into an Rehab.
That would be like more than one month away from home and everybody..like holidays.
I have no idea what i should do! at first i would miss ya all so much! and than is the school and home...
my biggest fear is: what if my grandma die in this time?
I mean I am the one who keeps the family together,but im down as shit...I would go but on the other side not..
So what should i do? Stay or go?

Im so sorry to load this shit up here,but im so helpless and ya guys here helped me so often! BIG THANKS FOR THAT!!!!!!!
Lotz of love
Ya Sam

  1. hina Schwarz°° avatar

    On Feb 07, hina Schwarz°° said:

    hi ...!
    you have really bad luck ...
    in your place I do not know what to do ...
    you should maybe do what you think is best ...
    In any case, good luck for the rest of things...
    sorry for spelling mistakes because I do not really metrication English.

  2. RoachKitty avatar

    On Feb 03, RoachKitty said:

    Listen to your heart Sam!
    And I think you know what it wants.
    I think you should go to the rehab!
    You need to be away from your family, for a while.
    (you need a time out)
    No one is happy if you going to have a brun out or something... (and I guess you will have a burn out, if it's going on like now!)
    Your grandma will be fine at this time!
    And I think your health is a lil bit more important!!
    *don't kill me for saying that*

    And you know we're (chrissy and me) allways there for you!!! *big hug my lil sis*

  3. Lovely_XxXxX avatar

    On Feb 03, Lovely_XxXxX said:

    You should go to rehab, Sammy, it'll be better, like everyone else says, in the long run. And to help you out, I will pray for you and your grandmother, and that everything will be alright.
    You should do what's best for you, Sammy.

  4. April avatar

    On Feb 03, April said:

    I say do what is best for you in the long run. You really need to look at the big picture. *hugs* We will give you whatever support we can.

  5. Sammy! avatar

    On Feb 03, Sammy! said:

    You really gotta make the desicion yourself. We dont know how bad you feel, or how bad everything else is. Like Nikky sad, maybe it will be better in the long run. But you gotta choose yourself Sam...

  6. @BassNachosTacos avatar

    On Feb 03, @BassNachosTacos said:

    =[ Sammy, what are they suggesting you go to rehab for?
    Idk, all my sleep dissorders are from too much stress around me. Sounds like that could just be your problem, or maybe it is more than that.. But if you have trouble sleeping they can give you meds for that, or maybe not because your not 18, but then again it could be different in Germany...

    The way I see it is, if the doctor thinks you'll be better off in the long run with the rehab you should go, sometimes you gotta take care of yourself before you can take care of others, it would suck and the days would drag, but you might be happier and not so bummed in the long run.
    Sadly easy choices are so easy to make. Well what I mean to say the right choice isn't always the easiest choice, maybe that is more understandable to say, I never make sense anymore because i Cannn't Slleeeepp either. =[

    but yeah, if your doctors think it is a good idea and your parents think it would help you i would. Don;t worry about school, your health comes first.

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