farmer sam??

Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 2:31 AM By: Lady_Cockroach

So i hate it to be not here!
but for the next two weeks i must go to an farming internship..and naturally they have no internet..damn farmers Ö__ö *loughes* brother started to name me farmer sam..huii he is so hilarious! xD
I just can come on at weekends *sniff* so dont wonder..i´ll be write ya back as soon as posible!

I had cleaned up my computer and found an song of me ^_^
Its like one of my favorite lyrics,cause the end was inspired by an band,which we all know *Grin* :
~Midnight Nightmare~

All night long
are this memories haunting me.
It feels so real
and i wanna run away
I can´t.
No i can´t.

So night for night
I live these bad dreams.
Again and again,
And can't do anything.

Night for night
I feel like I'm dead
would cry and run away
Only if i could
But i am caged
and never can escape.
my soul is so distraught,
broken in thousands of pieces.

I can't do anything.
I can't do anything.
i need some help,
no-one knows how it feel´s,
no-one knows this sadness and pain...

Night for Night it is the same
i am so afraid
Of the darkness and the calm
for this when pain comes around.
Every day i live in a Tragedy.
And i can not run away
but maybe i see a light out there.
Words that heal.
Words that help
Sounds that take my soul away
Music saves my life
Music rescues me

With this words i say Bye Bye! *Waves Hands*
And we will se us sonn *Miss ya*
Lotz of Love and Cuddles

  1. *Shaddix32* avatar

    On Apr 24, *Shaddix32* said:

    T_T bye bye sis we will miss you im counting down the days tell your back *huge hug*

  2. Anika avatar

    On Apr 19, Anika said:

    viel, viel spaß wünsch ich dir da... =]

  3. bjer avatar

    On Apr 19, bjer said:

    ohhh bye Sam I'll miss you =)

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