One year anniversary

Fri, May 29, 2009 at 12:58 PM By: Lady_Cockroach

Awww im totaly smiling right now.
Today,at Daves Birthday,i found to my Soul lovely monica *cuddles*
It was totaly cause his birthday..she posted as only an comment and since then i never wanted to loose her.
Am i sentimental or what? xD

Thank ya so much girl! Thank ya for beeing there,for beeing the light in the dark.
I dont know..sometimes i really was on the ground and you helped me through this and still do.
You make me smile and cry...and i love ya for beeing my sis. Such an strong,awesome and lovely person and its so delightful that i know ya.
Ha,i totaly lost every word,cause nothing can descripe you...your my sister in soul and i owe ya many. Ya my family girl *huge hug*
Love ya bunches!

Keep on roaching

  1. Hybrid911 avatar

    On May 29, Hybrid911 said:

    happy anniversary :) x

  2. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On May 29, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:


  3. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On May 29, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    yeah happy anniversary!!!
    aber welche monica????

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