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Sun, May 31, 2009 at 12:37 AM By: Lady_Cockroach

JC: Your my muse and my honey. Im so glad i found you! never wanna loose ya. So beautyful..and i mean ya mind and body. Idk what would happen if i didnt know ya.

Nikky: teehee my future roomie! Its an pleasure to know ya and to be with ya. Inside Jokes rocks! and ya much more too!

Clara: Aww ya always make me blush! I can carry you and ya me,together we get it all! ya have healthy words and i never let ya fade away. Your my shining Angel.

Chauna: My queen *Bow* your such an kind person,else what ya do,you make me smile! ya awesome! and im so damnit glad to have ya back (in paint whahaha)!

Sammy: My fellow jello! my favorite sammy on earth....evil samanthas whahaha! girl ya magic and you get all the good stuff ya deserved!

Vern: You kickass! your so handsome and so nice,and your unique! never met an girl like you bevore and its just..awwwww!

Kitty: Always my big sis and bodyguard kitten^^ Never forget ya and always with ya!

Karin: My german cockroach =) Its so nice to know ya,see ya soon and i like ya so much!

Mirijam: Yur my lil girl. I will do my best to help ya cause i know you´v got skills and you have such an great future! Just belive in ya and stay strong.

Wolfy: Authors! Hehe.your that amazing and lovely. its like i know ya for years and that felt so good!

Jade: Such an talent such an lovely girl! I love ya way of beeing and helping..never change girl,your delightful!

Jade (UK): The girl with the beautyful eyes! Its so much fun to write with ya and destabilize twitter! hehe

Lorena: I thank ya so much for all this wise sure they and ya help me to find the light. Your such an strong person and i adore ya,for what the past make out of ya. Ying and Yang my dear =)

Monica: Oh my dear. now we know each other an year and i never wanna miss you! you make me strong,saved my life so often..your the family i never had. I love ya so much girl!
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Without all this awesome people here,and many many others..i would be lost.
Papa Roach has the best fans,cause they take care about each other and are so lovely! so sorry if i forget one! its hell in the morning and i just wake up..scream if i forget ya! =D

  1. synyster_wolf avatar

    On Jun 01, synyster_wolf said:

    I feel a cuddlefest comming on......I'll bring the sappy love songs!

  2. Lady_Cockroach avatar

    On Jun 01, Lady_Cockroach said:

    aw thats so cute!
    I love group hugs! =) my big mommy sis *kuddles back*
    Ya words are so true! PRoach is the best band *Nods* And the fans are like ya sayed..i think nobody could say that better =)
    Love ya bunches too!

  3. synyster_wolf avatar

    On Jun 01, synyster_wolf said:

    *hugs* GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you like a little sister! Papa Roach does have the best fans. We all love eachother, we protect eachother, and we try like hell to make eachother happy when we are sad. I cannot begin to describe how glad I am to know you and everyone else here. You guys have pulled me through some of my worst times without even knowing it. I FRICKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lady_Cockroach avatar

    On May 31, Lady_Cockroach said:

    sehr gern geschehen =)
    freut mich wenn du dich freust *Hugs back*
    i know,and i´ll always keep that in my heart

  5. Snowflake avatar

    On May 31, Snowflake said:

    aww omg wie süss *hug* danke kleine :) u know... nothing happens without a reason :D du schaffst das! Ich glaub an dich!

  6. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On May 31, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    =D lol DANKE!!!!!!!!
    Clara is aber meine kleine!!

  7. Lady_Cockroach avatar

    On May 31, Lady_Cockroach said:

    Haha du bist süß xD
    Ich meinte dich damit^^

  8. Lady_Cockroach avatar

    On May 31, Lady_Cockroach said:

    *dir ein taschentuch reicht und knuddelt*
    Ich dank dir meine große =)
    Lieb dich auch so sehr!

  9. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On May 31, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    lol wäre mal ein plan das über meine besten zumachen
    das gibts aber nich viele!

  10. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On May 31, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    who is the first Jade?

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