...We all fall off the wagon sometimes....

Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 6:16 AM By: Lady_Cockroach

Hey my lovely Roaches and fellows.

Yeay i cant quit listen to SIXX AM...those and the Roach music is the only i can listen to right now.

Okay..so in 3 days is the day,that i´m counting since weeks.
Cause thursday my parents had let me go to the PRoach concert in Bremen.
I have my diagnostics in the psychiatry...and im afraid as hell.

Normaly i would had this in october,ya know? But they talked with my shrink and so i got that on the 18.06...thats kinda not an good sign hu.
I dont know what i should do. I wont go into that psychiatry,but i cant go on like this at home and school...thats no life! With all this memorys and..i dont go forward here..
The Rehab was shit,they didnt take me cause the drugs and things..and halleluja they send me to the psychiatry....
The only place where i like to be is here,the Riot with all the awesome people,and ya guys and girls will be the only ones that i´ll miss.
I will be lost without Papa Roach...theyr going to take me the only Lifeline and happyness away.
My parents dont know that with the borderline personality disorder,and i wont them to know that,but i kinda think that the shrinks and what ever works there are going to tell em.
I really dont know what i should do..i dont know...and i never felt that nervous and frighten.
i´ll get an date,when i have to go...fuck i hate that..i cant think right now,everything is turning arround and wont stop.
Okay..i will keep my first Roach konzert as light ya know...but..i dont think that i can stand that.
I know that sounds kinda stupid...but some goodby words from ya and the guys would be..yea awesome ya know..
I made an scrapbook,with the lyrics,pictures and comments. I hope i can take that with me >_<

IDK i need something to do or talk right now. Do ya know that? i feel kinda caged

Stay Infest and Take Care!

  1. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Jun 16, Hybrid911 said:

    *hugs* thats so awful :(
    we're all hear for you hun, whatever you decide I'm sure it will be the right choice.
    thinking about you

  2. synyster_wolf avatar

    On Jun 15, synyster_wolf said:

    as everyone else here has said, you need to do whats best for you. Sometimes its hard to know what to do, but if you look at all your options, and really think about it, then the answer will come. Know that whatever you decide, you shall be in our thoughts and prayers. If you do leave, we all will miss you severly, but we will understand that its what you thought was best.

    I love you Mein Lieblingkind

  3. vern93 avatar

    On Jun 15, vern93 said:

    sam!! im gonna miss u we all will :( but stay in touch if u can and like sammy said u need to do whats best for u and make the right decison for urself but dont worry it will all work out and u will be ok : ) keep me and all of us updated!!!!

  4. bjer avatar

    On Jun 15, bjer said:

    ohhh Sam I'll miss you I don't know what I can say now but do you know which song I'm listen to all the time in the last time? it's Shinedown - Second Chance and one part of the song lyrics is "sometimes goodbye is a second chance".....oh fuck idk now my feelings are shuffled right now I'll miss you my big sister =(

  5. Sammy! avatar

    On Jun 15, Sammy! said:

    Oh Sam that's sucky. We'll reeaallllyy miss you here :[ But you need to do what's best for yourself. Let us know what you decide to do! Only you can make this decision..

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