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About Hero of War

My name is logan but you can call me Spirit if you want. Seems easier for people 2 remember ha. I love basketball and football. Have played both emm for 2yrs. I have 2 amazing friends and all the rest of my friends are great! But my 2 amazing friends are Cierra V. And Saige V. Haha =P I love them 2 with my life and am willing to do anything for them. Except give up my cookies for them.....THEIR MINE! =P I got brothers and a sister. None of them older than me. (Btw i'm 14yrs old B-day is may 4th. Isn't that funny? The same day as last year.) lol. I live In Pennsylvania and in a Crummy little town. Sometimes i wish i lived on the moon....Ok alot of times i wish i lived on the moon. I have a amazing girlfriend named Hallie. We have alot in common and all lol. 4/16/10 =P Yay us lol.

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