First kiss.

Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 1:10 PM By: Hero of War

Ok i have a girlfriend and we plan on having our first kiss. But i'd like some ideas on how to make it special. Sooooo If you would like to share Where did you have your first kiss and Was it Special???

  1. Jacoby Adam Bennington avatar

    On Dec 05, Jacoby Adam Bennington said:

    I never had a first kiss, yet. Neither do I have a bf.

  2. hiimbob avatar

    On Apr 26, hiimbob said:

    my first kiss was in the rain with this kid names ryan haha. do somethin like daat(::

  3. ♣♠war lord♠♣ avatar

    On Apr 26, ♣♠war lord♠♣ said:

    u should run away its what i would do

  4. Jeppas avatar

    On Apr 25, Jeppas said:

    dont be nervous

  5. :)Christy(: avatar

    On Apr 25, :)Christy(: said:

    1 word, Rain.

  6. paparoachrockstar...(: avatar

    On Apr 25, paparoachrockstar...(: said:

    awww,,,thats so cute. you should surprise her.

  7. darkraptor08 avatar

    On Apr 25, darkraptor08 said:

    My first kiss wasss with someone i didnt know behind a truck cuz we had to sneak it cuz we were at truck lol >.< umm but i usually say go with the flow. like dont try to plan anything. just go on a nice date and let the moment be right :D

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