4more times.

Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 6:31 AM By: Hero of War

4more times that i go to sleep at night and i'll be 15 when i wake up. As i enjoy these last momments of being 14 i think back to all the fun and bad times i've had. Really it was a great year met some awesome people and made some great friends. Made a few enemies but who doesn't lol =) Met a girl that i'm not going to say her name cuz more than likely she will read this but she just makes my head spin over and over when i talk to her =) And she prolly already knows who i am talking about lol =) Loves ya! But anyway back to being 14 People who read this blog should know life may be hard at 14 or 13 or 15 or anytime in your life after you hit 13 but seriously do not think at any momment that a gun, a knife, or anything that can kill you is the best way to go. Don't do drugs either cuz you'll be fked up forever. Don't smoke or you'll die faster and HEY you wanna make the best of your life aslong as you can live and live as long as possiable. Don't fear death because well there is nothing to be afraid when you die just always think positive and never think the negative. =) Do this and live life to the maximum and your life will be GREAT.

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    On Apr 29, ^forever lost^ said:

    err, happy (early) birthday =P

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