1. O.o anna o.O avatar

    On Sep 08, O.o anna o.O said:

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaark ! :*

  2. Elvira avatar

    On Mar 07, Elvira said:

    Send it over here elvipr@gmail.com ^^

  3. Elvira avatar

    On Mar 06, Elvira said:

    Thank you ;) So... you play the guitar.... how long? are you good?
    And bout drawing..... I would like to draw.... but I'm not really good. I'm gonna practise but I like watching others people arts.... can you show me yours? ;]

  4. Elvira avatar

    On Mar 05, Elvira said:

    Rather good.... just a little bit tired of daily routine. school, school, school... no time for fun...
    And I have to tell you that I dunno why but I fuckin love your description ;D

  5. Elvira avatar

    On Mar 04, Elvira said:

    hi! whats up over there? ;D

  6. OneTrackMind avatar

    On Feb 16, OneTrackMind said:

    sunt din constanta ....dar stau la bucuresti ca sunt la facultate acolo :)

  7. OneTrackMind avatar

    On Feb 13, OneTrackMind said:

    salutare ....wow un roman pe site AWESOME :D

  8. FRED. avatar

    On Aug 21, FRED. said:

    Thank you :)

  9. FRED. avatar

    On Aug 16, FRED. said:

    Hello Mark! Your profil picture is siiiick guy!

  10. Mokierie avatar

    On Feb 17, Mokierie said:

    thats good, im ohkay i guess lolz..never in really good mood but yeah, better than usual

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