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Hi!! My name is Mark.
Im have 165 cm, im short:( , brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin
I live in Romania in a town called Satu Mare ( it means big village, but its kinda small)
life is getting more boring everyday, no rush, no fun, nothing...
but I love to laugh, i always laught and i make people laugh, i rule :)) ...yeah sure...
My hobbies: i love to play the guitar, i love drawing, singing( i sing like a fuckin dead donkey >.< ) and i love music
I love animals, but i hate cats, i have a dog and a guinea pig, a bearded dragon, a leopard and 3 turtles, my house is like a zoo or smth, so yeah i like animals
Im not sure about what to do with my life, and honestly i dont really care, i just want to go to the college and then.. dunno
And of course my favorite band is Papa Poach , and i love all their songs
My favorite colors are black & green (black is not really a color but fuck logic )
Sooo. this is me

Change or Die bitches! . ~Mark.

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