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My 8 month old son past on Valentines day 2012. He was a DIE HARD Papa Roach Fan! My wife heard (No Matter What) on 5.31.2011 when he was born and decided that was their song. Now that he is gone, she REALLY Wants you to write the words NO MATTER WHAT and have it made into a tatoo for her. Please Help us.

Its April of 2013 and now BEFORE I DIE is the popular song. Hits home with us. PapaRoach is dead on with lyrics.

On May14 2013 in Joliet IL. PapaRoach made the Father and Mother of the baby pictured, the most happiest people on the planet. We had VIP and felt like VIP's. We got the autograph we've always wanted, and now my wife will be getting "No Matter What" in your handwriting tattooed on her soon. Best concert, best night ever! Wade, you the man! PapaRoach, you guys are awesome!
... ComputerFixByChris is here for you whenever you need us. You have gone above and beyond for us and we will never forget it. If you ever need any PC help, you let me know. ANYTHING = DONE.

Anytime you are in the Tri-State area, we will try and make it. We drove 3.5 hours this time and it was well worth it.

Thank you again. You made our wish come true!

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