Oh wow, haven't blogged since Prom

Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 9:40 PM By: Swarlos

Well about the prom, it was fun. A few bands- err groups?, came.
There was Grupo Mania (merengue group)
Fiel a la Vega (lot's of fun with them, rock band)
Jowell y Randy (hated them, reggaeton duo)

Went to a room with a female friend, drank a little, but nothing interesting happened, during the last group's performance. I also found three gal friends from one of my previous schools. They were extremely hot :0 not what I remembered them like. (cute and innocent) Stayed up, running around the hotel with my friends, and my other friends ;) until 4 am. Some stayed until the hotel's breakfast, I would've done it, but there wasn't much to do afterwards, and I had a sharp pain in my leg which turned into cellulitis, which is now cured although the scar is visible, on my right leg. It prevented me from dancing, frolicking, speaking, thinking, and getting naughty. The bar was closed after about 12, so there was no means of obtaining alcohol, a shame though, cuz getting drunk would've been perfect for ignoring that leg. Still I managed to taste my first drop of alcohol, and I must say, I disliked it. Black label should not be drank just on the rocks, it's too much of a foul and strong taste, cider tasted like sparkly apple juice. Going to the prom with a date is overrated, I didn't have a date, but damnit, it was like I had a few of them. I think it's better because, unless you go with someone you like, you're not gonna have some girl as a ball on chain to stop you. I'm not encouraging cheating, by the way, I'm just saying, that you should only go with a date, if mutual feelings are present.

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    On Aug 18, Swarlos said:

    Yeah, is there a problem with that? I didn't get drunk so no harm done.

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    On Aug 01, chica.cucaracha said:

    you drank? :-(

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