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Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 6:27 PM By: Swarlos

So this past week or so I have been with my cousins who flew in from Indiana at a hotel. We went to el Yunque, to the beach (i'm tanned right now... i hope i don't peel), the Fort San Cristobal among other places. My little cousin is an 8 year old dick who only talks about pokemon and any tv shows or video games he plays. It get's really annoying, he wouldn't let us go into a casino or even to starbucks w/o snitching us out. My older cousin, she's 14, oh she was fun lol a little more open than my sister certainly a lot more fun to hang out with. They don't speak spanish so whenever I would make a snide comment that I didn't want to them to hear I would just say it in spanish and then get a few laughs out of it. That was fun, yeah it was, seriously I am not kidding around here it was very fun. Alright don't believe me it doesn't affect me. So anyways we ended it all by going to this very fancy spanish restaurant and ordering paella. We celebrated my grandmother's as well as my aunts birthdays at that restaurant. My grandma had a vanilla custard for desert and my aunt, well my mom's aunt actually had the milks cake (tres leches) and my little cousin stole my custard then the waiter decide to get me another one when I was done eating mine the little bastard decided that he didn't like it so I had to stuff another custard where it didn't fit... my stomach. It was fun while it lasted, we even decided to put a candle on a banana and sing happy birthday to my grandma a night before her birthday, of course we couldn't contain the laughs because of how incredibly stupid it was.

Now that's all past and I wish it could've lasted longer but alas it didn't so now I gotta prepare for school which begins on Monday. sigh. My damn class has decided that we have to make a big entrance and so they are making a party on the 13th, lol idk that's a few days late but w/e for becoming seniors. So what does that mean? Not only do I have to learn how to dance but I have to sell 10 tickets worth $10 each for the party. I'm scared of college but I have to take the SAT and the college board, I might end up going to some university in the states and mom wants me to be somewhere near my uncle if I do so my options includes universities such as Purdue and the like. Sigh, I wish I could extend high school without having to fail a grade.

  1. Change or DIE avatar

    On Aug 13, Change or DIE said:

    Dude straight A??? I'm just happy with my b average. Sounds like you had a good time!

  2. chica.cucaracha avatar

    On Aug 09, chica.cucaracha said:

    i know the guy was you, i was just spamming you *lol*
    careful for the skin cancer, too much sunlight is not good.
    you wanna be forever in high school?! *lol*
    hey, college life is more fun, or so i heard.

    hmm, the merman has returned to the land,
    i gotta find a new nickname for you. you look thinner btw.

  3. Swarlos avatar

    On Aug 09, Swarlos said:

    That guy is me.

    My skin is kinda tanned because of all the sun I endured, I have a slight sunburn.

    The grade thing was like saying I want there to be a grade 13 or grade 14 because I don't wanna go to university just yet.

    Yes I am a straight A student.

  4. chica.cucaracha avatar

    On Aug 09, chica.cucaracha said:

    what a long blog, hey who is the guy on your avatar?
    he is, umm, wow :] XD
    what is tan? i gotta open my dictionary for that, lol

    glad you had fun this past week,
    Happy Birthday to your GrandMa and Aunt.
    my school has started again since last monday, this is my 2nd week.
    umm, good luck selling the tickets and i'm sure you won't fail any grade,
    you're a straight A student, right ?!
    oh my, this is a long comment haha, i miss you amigo ......

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