Party woot!

Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 10:07 PM By: Swarlos

So it's Friday night and I just got back from the first class party this year. Yay it was fun, I realized that I suck more than I thought at dancing. LOL
I stepped outside and talked with my friends and they introduced me with a couple of girls. I'm back home with both of their numbers and FB, email, etc.

I might have a shot lol. Anyways it was very fun and all until Jesus got in a fight with a random stranger who was at the party. IDK from what school, he's from but where I live one school hosts a party and students from almost every school in the neighboring 4 towns comes. It was insane I found a lot of people I haven't seen in some time.

Well, peace I'm tired!

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    umm, no comment, meow..

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