1. bruised inside out avatar

    On May 19, bruised inside out said:

    Hey!!! Sweet page...n ur cute js

  2. elissa_69babe avatar

    On May 05, elissa_69babe said:

    u should talk to me imma lot of fun lolz :P

  3. elissa_69babe avatar

    On May 03, elissa_69babe said:

    ur very sexxiiii :D just sayin :$

  4. Shirley86 avatar

    On Apr 18, Shirley86 said:

    hey how are you?

  5. On Mar 30, "No*Matter*What" said:

    I love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 And Jacoby is the best role model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Murderdoll. avatar

    On Nov 24, Murderdoll. said:

    hey wazap ;pp

  7. xxalic3xx!!! avatar

    On Oct 12, xxalic3xx!!! said:


  8. Shirley86 avatar

    On Oct 11, Shirley86 said:

    do you mean you added me? i didnt get any invite on msn :S weird.

  9. Shirley86 avatar

    On Oct 08, Shirley86 said:

    hi if you have msn please add me:

  10. Shirley86 avatar

    On Oct 07, Shirley86 said:

    hey dude do you also use msn?

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