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About Dare To Touch

Well im a bored 14 year old girl i have brown hair with blonde hightlights i want to die it either all black or blonde
eyes that go from black brown and red im short 5'2
and i love to work out im not a health nut
I dont have many friends and i dont need the ones i have but i do have a cell phone ask if you want my number
I am not afriad to do anything i cant not feel guilt
i can get depressed easily so ya but for the most part im a happy person. but latly i have gotton worse and more suicidle
The best way to get to know me is by comminting me on this website or on my teenspot or by texting me
Papa Roach is one of my all time fav bands.
I can never be the leader. I hate having to make important choices so therefor im the one in the back trying not to laugh at the retards making fools of them selves
Live life to the fullest is my moto. I understand that there are things we need to stay away from but what the hay go fo what ever you want just dont expect me to help you out ^^

i have a aol aim its singingcntrygrl@aol.com so add me if you want. Also if you have anything against lez, gays, or bis dont add me im bi

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