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About cyberclown

Hola :)
name: Billy
birthplace: berlin (germany)
current place: berlin (england)
languages: german, english, spanish
eyecolor: green
hair color: black and red
piercings: no
tattoos: not yet

color: black
music: rock
bands: papa roach, oomph!, rammstein, unheilig, mono inc., blutengel, apoptygma berzerk, green day, eisbrecher, santa hates you, vnv nation, bullet for my valentine, ...
celebrity: jacoby shaddixx :)
number: 7
food: sushi, pierogi, pizza
drink: beer
movie: shaun of the dead
month: october
day: halloween
figure: clown
city: london
animal: spider
song: no matter what, scars, born with nothing die with everything

do you drink: yes
want to get married: yes
want kids: yes
do you believe in yourself: yes
last movie you saw at the movies? was it good: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil - yeah
biggest fear: fear of flying
do you have pets?: yes - rats, bird spiders, fish, frogs, crabs, efts

I love listening to music - also playing the piano, the flute and the guitar! :)
I am interested in arts! I like drawing ...
I want to study arts and egyptology :)

I have been to England for about four months and I've had almost a great time there :p I really like the country but I've got bad experiences in being an aupair there. So now I have to decide when I am going back... Let me think about it - I want to live a little so I have to go back!!! Next year I will start the university and there will be no time to travel around :/ Until then I thinking about my future hahaha

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