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Hey I´m Steph =D Iam 13 years old and im suchaaa papa roach freak and so addicted to papa roach and to jacoby
Papa Roach are my Life,cant live without ´em !!
I am a HOLLYWOOD WHORE that is looking INTO THE LIGHT, I ALMOST TOLD YOU THAT I LOVED YOU on You Tube and I have SCARS to remind me that the past is real. I am your lover y amigo...TAMBIEN ENEMY. It is now JULY and these are the DAYS OF WAR, and NIGHTS OF LOVE, but somehow the date is 8/29 and you need to STOP LOOKING at my BLOOD while I am trying to reach a LIFELINE and CARRY ME. My LIFE IS A BULLET and my bloodstains prove it! TIME AND TIME AGAIN I am THROWN AWAY when she tells me SHE LOVES ME NOT. Because of that I will be RECKLESS and on a BINGE now and FOREVER! Take a look at THE WORLD AROUND YOU because I am still ALIVE but this is my LAST RESORT. I am living in a BROKEN HOME and I want out! My BLOOD BROTHERS and I are BETWEEN ANGELS AND INSECTS and hiding under a BLANKET OF FEAR. I feel like I am GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER only you are NOT LISTENING anymore and you wont TAKE ME seriously in this STATE OF EMERGENCY. I just wanna BE FREE and SOMETIMES I feel like it is going to be a DO OR DIE life. I will get REVENGE on you one day and INFEST your life just to fuck it up! This is my LEGACY and all of you SNAKES make me feel like I am NEVER ENOUGH for this DECOMPRESSION PERIOD. I wish I would have NEVER SAID IT because now I am WALKING THRU BARBED WIRE. I am feeling like I am going to CRASH into THE FIRE but I am really just THE ADDICT thats TIME IS RUNNING OUT. All I want is TO BE LOVED and have someone put ROSES ON MY GRAVE! WHAT DO YOU DO when there are NO MORE SECRETS and the CODE OF ENERGY has been broken? I just want to GOUGE AWAY at all of you DEAD CELLS and that is a LOVEHATETRAGEDY. I was BORN WITH NOTHING and I will DIE WITH EVERYTHING even though I DEVISE MY OWN DEMISE. We need to blow up this SINGULAR INDESTRUCTIBLE DROID with an M-80 if these BLACK CLOUDS keep following us. MY HEART IS A FIST in this TYRANNY OF NORMALITY and I need to break out. So, that is it and now I am DONE WITH YOU. You have a choice to either CHANGE OR DIE, MARCH OUT OF THE DARKNESS or SHUT UP AND DIE...something fun like that! THANX for bringing out MY BAD SIDE! You haters have made me HARDER THAN A COFFIN NAIL and I would rather be CAUGHT DEAD than be weak. This is my SOS! I am NOT COMING HOME, and because of you I FORGOT HOW TO LOVE! I have HAD ENOUGH and I will never let you LIVE THIS DOWN.
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