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Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 7:15 PM By: Jacoby'sBaby93

Whoa!! the guys looked amazing as always!!! They are so awesome for taking the time out to do such things! they are so commited to the fans which is totally amazing!! I love and respect them so much for that!! ohhh and at the end when Jacoby got ahold of the web cam and had his mouth up to it....ahhhh!! so hot! ;)... lol!! anyone else think so??

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    On Sep 13, Jacoby'sBaby93 said:

    hahahaha!!! i know!! It was so hott!!!! ;)

  2. Shirley86 avatar

    On Sep 09, Shirley86 said:

    Haha when Jacoby grapped the cam at the end yeah it was fuckin awesome! He showed that he really knows what to do with his thong HAHAHAHHHAA!!!

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