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nuthin much to say about me.the name's daireya.Myspace Comments
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Singular Indestructible Droid
Blood of my blood
Skin of my skin
A normal human being
Solder and wires
We're far from human beings
He's sick of his skin
It's time to trade it in
A galaxy of emotions
Your soul is what it costs
We walk the same path
No body could get in our way
We passionately never hesitate
Keep the soul
That's control
Now you put in the metal
Willing to make the change
Surrender the flesh and bones
Against the grain
Pushing beyond the limits of ourselves
This body is just a cage
You're dead and you're in a grave
We're losing our minds
That's just fine
Living forever
Bleed out my blood
Skin off my skin
Solder the wire
Take my body and
Release me from this cage
You can't put a spirit in a grave
Singular Indestructible Droid

Human behavior
Peculiar it seems
Some thrive on hate
Some love the dream
Everyone's got a purpose and wants to be loved
I think I found my purpose
I think I found love

Hidden inside myself

Strikes when you least expect it

Hate and destruction crashed down on our world
The stars and the stripes
The boys and the girls
It's sad it took war just to bring us together
I believe in love
I believe in forever

Hidden inside ourselves

You better run
You better run
For your life
For your life
Shed a tear
Shed a tear
Live in fear

Tragedy day
Tragedy day
Tragedy day
hello!!,welcome ta MY playground!,which side of me would you like ta meet?!,the sweet,precious gothic side,or the bitchy,evil,hateful,annoyin side of me?!,take you fuckin pick asshole,i don't have all day!!i am the totally like,complete opposite.YOU SAY "HI",I SAY "BYE",YOU SAY "HELLO",I SAY"FUCK YOU!!".i like rap and hip-hop and if ya don't like kiss my ass or get ohff my page,bitch!!i'm bisexual,so yes that means i like guys and gurls,you don't like it,suck my left nut biyatch!!i'm taken by 3 amazin ppl!!:),i'm also polynormous.i hate love,and to me love is the most suckiest thing a person like me could ask for,but,i looooooooove my brothers and sisters:),FUCK WIT ANY OF THEM AND YOU DIE MUTHAFUCKAZ!!these are the names of my 9 brothers:
Jaco,Zack,Danny,Robert,Timmy,Mark,Karl,Cody,and Jay:),fuck wit them and i will MURDER YOU!!
these are the names of my 4 sisters:
Julie,Sasha,Jennavecia,and Khadijah:),fuck wit them and i will put you six feet under ground BITCH!!
i hate huggin people cause it makes me feel weird.i also hate eatin in front of people cause that as well as huggin,makes me feel very weird.i looooooooove video games.my birthday is August 5th!!i'm a leo just like jacoby!!i'm black,white,indian,irish,italian and peurto rican.I understand spanish more than I can speak it.i can speak a little bit of french and a little bit of spanish but mostly english.i hate people.i'm 5'5, i have short,off black hair,and off black eyes. my
favorite colors are black,red,dark purple,and gray.i looooooove skull heads and gothic crosses!!i'm really sweet once you get to know me!!=]i'm fun to hang around and i'm crazy as fuck yo!!i play bass and been playin it for six months now.i'm 14 and starstrukkmary:D a.k.a Mary is my awesome bestie!!:)i go to hutch tech high school(all i do is get inta trouble).favorite bands and songs that i love from them:
papa roach(all of their songs)
cky(96 quite bitter beings and flesh into gear)
him(kiss of dawn,wings of a butterfly,right here in my arms,and heartkiller)
the clash(all of them especially this is radio clash)
hinder(all of them)
fall out boy(i don't care,carpal tunnel of love,sugar we're goin down,america's suiteheart)
buckcherry(next to you,rescue me,crazy bitch)
good charlotte(i don't wanna be in love)
green day(all of them)
slipknot(all of them,especially sufllfur)
metallica(all of them)
maroon 5(infatuation and if i never see your face again)
hed pe(all of them)
gym class heroes(cupid's chokehold)
shinedown(sound of madness)
halestorm(i get off)
aerosmith(all of them)
motley crue(all of them)
coldplay(viva la vida)
jane's addiction(all of them)
queen(all of them)
69 eyes(all of them)
linkin park(all of them)
blue october(say it)
finger eleven(paralyzer)
nirvana(all of them)
red hot chilli peppers(all of them)
three days grace(break)
black eyed peas(all of them especially anxiety cause they made it wit papa roach yeeaaaaahhhhh baby!!)
and social distortion(all of them)
gary numan(cars)....oh and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE TOBIN ESPERANCE!!!!!!
if you wanna call me,my number is 716 207 8014
this video that i put on here is H.I.M's new video Heartkiller....this song is awesome!!


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this video talks about the making of Heartkiller....Ville Valo is so cute!!!!
this video is kiss of dawn by H.I.M.
this video is wings of a butterfly by H.I.M.
http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm? fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=100012279
this video is right here in my arms by H.I.M.
if you wanna talk or be my friend i'll always answer to it!!!!
my best friend Love_Death3 a.k.a. Khadijah has a profile here
my other best friend Jennavecia a.k.a Jennavecia hahahaha!!
and i can't forget about my lil sis Badd Skitch Dee Dee a.k.a. Deidra and finally IM TAKEN SO DONT GEHT ANY IDEAS (:

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