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About NELZ

P Roach fan since 2000 I was 11 ... ^_^ still an avid fan seen them eight times
Met them all helped the bangkok five out in manchester when they supported roach and had pizza with the guys ! I had the albums upto metamorphosis signed all with dave but they all got stolen :( but if I ever get to hear tightrope live thatll be enough for me ! That song saved my sanity and repaired my fucking soul some real shit, this band is my fire my fuel and my heart kept me going through the fucked up crazy life ive had !

Im nels :)
im a nutta
easy to talk to so talk up
im allways active im not lazy atall
i love playing my guitar
i love mary jane
love Proach
been on every tour so far
and seen em all over the uk :D
met em all various times safe lads
jacobys funny as fuck but outrageous and nice at the same time
best band ive seen live the atmosphere
its just amazing with roach

Proachs music has allways ment alot to me
i relate to every meaning in every song tbf
the music has pulled me through my darkest days
and im thankfull,
jacoby is the nicest guy and most outrageous at the same time that you could possibly meet
:) x

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