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I am Russian but I live in Germany.
But if u think I speak german, u r mistaken, but I can understand most of it!!! Sweet!

I started listening to Papa Roach when I was about 12. I went to a big Music market and saw a name which was familiar - Papa Roach. I had never listened to PR before that but heard the name and good comments about them.... So I Bought 'em!!!! I listened to them for long time and never got tired of them coz they rocked my sox off!!!


Well if anyone is really interested in me.....

I am a student. I graduate this year from IS Hamburg. I already have a fancy Class of 09 T-Shirt. LOL nvm
Later I will study Film and Video. I am interested in making film and I love photography. I am quite interested in photoshop editing.

No I am studying for Exams and music is my LAST RESORT. Sort of!!!

About my nickname.

PLZ dont make fun of it. It was a random choice long time ago and if you see this nickname anywhere else..... It is me.... coz I am the most random...
So if find it funny, laugh! If u find it sad, still laugh! But if you write or say something about it that I dont like! I will rape you in the nostrils hard!!!

Viva La Cucaracha

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