Between Angels and Insects

Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 1:52 PM By: DEADSHIT

I was listening to Between Angels and Insects.... and was thinking a lot about the lyrics..

It appears to me that the idea in the song is very similar to ideas of Tyler from the movie Fight Club.

I was wondering if Jacoby was inspired by the film when wrote this song. I think He wrote it right???

I even thought it could be a great sound track for fight club if Papa Roach recorded it 1 year earlier. Fight Club came on screens in 1999.

If you haven't seen this film.... I think you should check with a doctor. It is my favorite film!! It is great!!!

I am happy to see what you think 'bout it. See Ya!!

  1. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Apr 24, Hybrid911 said:

    yeah it rings a few bells x

  2. b0ard3rl!n3rachel avatar

    On Apr 24, b0ard3rl!n3rachel said:

    lol. its really inspired by that book...i remember reading it somewhere or something. i like the book better, but the movie did a damn good job in the book to screen translation.

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