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  1. In the town that I grew up in, there is a little girl named Hannah who has an inoperable brain tumor. She has about 12 weeks to live. Her mother died 2 years ago from breast cancer. The Rose Radio station tries to fill Christmas wishes of people in need, they also reach out to the community to get help. This little girl's wish for Christmas and her dying wish is she just wants Christmas...

  2. Meriwether!

    Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 8:14 AM 8 Comments

    Check out these talented musicians!!! They opened for PRoach back in Nov/Dec 07. You can hear their music on myspace - - Add them as a buddy, and listen to their music!! They are currently on tour.. if you get the chance, check em out!! I got to see them 4 times this year... (and 3 times last year with PRoach). Their stage performance is amazing! These...

  3. Grrrrr... the dickhead is back again... He listed the SAME FAKE ITEM... item number 380015086583.... Ebay never took down the auction and someone 'won' the last time he posted this bogus item.... so PLEASE REPORT this ASSHOLE and send him a nasty message!!!!! Check out the FAKE listing Item number: 380001264354 on ebay... all of you who really know PRoach will know this IS NOT...


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