Fuse - Voting Thoughts..

Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 7:22 PM By: AddictedToPapaRoach

Hey if we can get over 2 million in one week what is stoping us now? I know we get posting these threads but i just wanna know. I keep voting and voting. I dont caremuch we are losing by i care how much closer we get with each vote i make.

We are not done yet we have 15 days to prove ourselves. They are going up steadily but we can match that if we dont give up. It seems like a lot of us are giving up hope. Guys we can not do this alone! We need all of the papa roach fans out their to prove that the awesome music of papa roach will beat this hollywood whore.

15 days means 15 more chances to boost our score. Every time you go on your computer you can give 1 vote and that will only make us go up. I vote everytime i get on my computer and that is because i have not given up on papa roach. I may not have been their fan for a long long time like a lot of you are but i will alwys be a bigger papa roach fan than a shitney spears fan anyday!

Now i dont wanna just hand her the win so im gonna keep voting even if we lose. Im not gonna stop till the end of this thing because even if we lose every vote made just shows how much we tried to make them win this title that they are very deserving of, i cant stress enough the amount of effort i am putting into this. I want them to win and the guys wanna win too. i feel even if we lose to britney i know and hope you know that all f the votes we made we stayed there and clicked over and over. I have not downloaded anything and feel better wabout myself knowing that i can add a ton of votes the fair way.

Britneys fans may be 'cheating' if thats how you wanna put it. i dont really care about her anymore though. we need to stop stressing over how many she has compared to p roach and start voting and prove that we can get that many votes. Frankly being that we have over 500,000 right now is an accomplishment in my eyes. We started off with only 60,000 or so votes and have gotten over 2 million. even if we dont win, i have to say i am proud of every fan who voted, promoted voting for p roach, and just supports this great band that i will forever love.

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