New Years Plans,

Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 3:58 PM By: AddictedToPapaRoach

Tomorrow is New Years eve, and im meeting up with family. Its gonna be kinda lame but whatever you know. Have fun when you can i guess. I would party but i wont be near any friends. Also being 15 has its limitations. LOOL. Anywho what is anybody else doing for the New Year? Im happy & sad that 2010 is coming. Im having mixed emotions here hehee. And i need to think of a new years resolution. Anyone think of one yet? Gahhh thinks of ideas.....

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    On Dec 31, AddictedToPapaRoach said:

    Thanks for replying. Maybe ill try that resolution :D

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    On Dec 30, moonlight morning said:

    True lol well here in Nz its new years eve im at a house on the beach atm just killing time till later on and going to a party, my new years resolution is Have no regrets i think it will be one of the best new years resolutions you can come up with so maybe you can try that one.

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