Papa Roach Cronicles on Fuse.

Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 2:44 PM By: AddictedToPapaRoach

I have long awaited them AND FINALLY they will be on Fuse in like 20 min! I am so fricken excited!! ive been waiting months waiting for them to make a Papa Roach Cronicles. Ahh And at 6 i will finally see it! For all you who didn't know set ur DVRS!!!!!! This will be amazing im sure. My guesses is that they will have vids for Last Resort, (Maybe She Loves Me Not or Time & Time Again), Scars or GAWM.. but most likely Scars, To Be Loved, and Lifeline ( Possibly Hollywood Whore or I Almost Told You That I Loved You)

Anyone else excited!?!?!?!
Also guesses on the vids gonna be played?
I really hope they don't skip right over LoveHateTragedy cause the videos for that album weren't as popular. I hate when they have Cronicles and they mention ablums but don't show videos from them. It's really such a downer. Anywhooo i can't wait!!!!

now there is 16 minutes!!

  1. AddictedToPapaRoach avatar

    On Jan 16, AddictedToPapaRoach said:

    I know it shoulda been an hour long. but i liked the song choices picked :) And Fuse for me is 77. But i likve in New York so ehh...&& Yes i recorded it!!

  2. sandypantsp7 avatar

    On Jan 14, sandypantsp7 said:

    I recorded it on my dvr i loved it but cant stop craving more

  3. dianam avatar

    On Jan 14, dianam said:

    It just ended was the videos for Last Resort, She Loves me Not, Scars, Forever, and Lifeline. Finished too quick.

  4. lovetragedy avatar

    On Jan 14, lovetragedy said:

    what channel is fuse?? I REALLY WANNA WATCH THIS!!!

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