1. msworld311 avatar

    On May 30, msworld311 said:

    We share our birthday :)

  2. WhatSeparatesMeFromYou(:-Mrs.WilliamsB¡tches!!:D avatar
  3. markk avatar

    On Jul 15, markk said:

    i cant cuz ... watch i copy the adding :They are already a friend or your request is pending

  4. drgreen19 avatar

    On May 01, drgreen19 said:

    How's Life?

  5. x.X - Broken Hearted - X.x avatar

    On Mar 21, x.X - Broken Hearted - X.x said:

    =P so what's up with you?

  6. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Mar 21, retarded_dinosaur said:

    got any plans for this week?

  7. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Mar 20, retarded_dinosaur said:

    yeah it was a good time :}

  8. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Mar 18, retarded_dinosaur said:

    good so far went out yesterday for st patty's day n got messed up lol

    hows yours goin?

  9. x.X - Broken Hearted - X.x avatar

    On Mar 16, x.X - Broken Hearted - X.x said:

    thanx! i love it cuz it's the lyrics to last resort, one of the many songs thats helped me out by them.

    i loveeee you're glitter graphics! & the pix =D


  10. retarded_dinosaur avatar

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