who knows who cares

Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 2:06 PM By: sarah17

does anyone mainly girls feel like trying to get a boyfriend is a waste of time? i mean all it is is drama and stress and yeah. peace

  1. bebeRoach avatar

    On Jun 19, bebeRoach said:

    yeah i don get why my friends are always complaining that they need a man.. i mean it can be fun for a while but i gets old fast... the most annoying part is when my guy friends girlfriends get jealous of me, i dont want their man!! (i say this cuz today i hung out with my best friend in the whole world and his new gf dont like even doh shes met me like once)

  2. bria1005 avatar

    On Jun 18, bria1005 said:

    thats how i am i have more fun being single then having to worry about what my boyfriend is doing

  3. bebeRoach avatar

    On Jun 18, bebeRoach said:

    i do... my "love"-crazy friends (mainly the girls) think im a weirdo but i would rather pass my time focused on my classes and trying to figure out shit about my carrer... plus being single and free is so much fun ^_^ if i was tied down i coulnt go clubbing with my homeboys as much while dealing with a jealous boyfriend around

  4. Falassion avatar

    On Jun 18, Falassion said:

    Depends if the guy is a waste of time xP

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