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About sarah17

I'm however old i want to be and am in high school. I hate it. certain days i wish life would end but other than that i am totally sane. my friends think im crazy but thats ok cuz i probably am. all the people i know who hate me can go kiss my butt.

i guess you could say im weird but the best part about all of this is that in the end im still me. so some of my stupid random crap that is important i guess is my favorite bands;
Three Days Grace
Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet For My Valentine
Papa Roach(duh!)
Linkin Park
Theory of a Deadman
Sixx AM
Sick Puppies
Devil Wears Prada
Adelitas Way
Alter Bridge
Breaking Benjamin
All That Remains
Rise Against
Rage Against the Machine
As I Lay Dying

people should know im brutaly honest so a lot of people dont like me but whatever.

so apparently everyone has their own Edward well news flash i have a JACOB i HATE Edward. if he nevermind i'll go on a damn rant and it will never end. i miss my friends music is important but i have no musical talent.

i have problems with depression and if after reading this you still think i'm a bitch well fuck you too!

oh one last thing. "life sucks and then you die. yeah i should be so lucky." i hate life it should end. OK i'm done now.

jk I say alot about nothing. i have been known to listen. its a shock i know but, i try to be nice to everyone but sometimes not everyone deserves it. i hate people who talk crap about everyone. i am extremely loyal to my friends but if u start something with me im gonna finish it. i like twilight and u can complain and give me crap all u want but i can care less. i love to read and people say im a nerd because of that. i love music and would love to learn to play guitar. i love my friends and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. i dont take crap from anybody and i hate people who r fakes and think they r better than me. i would love to meet the guys from bullet and papa roach and for some odd reason i want to touch matt from bullets hair its just cool. i have slight schizophrenia and i talk to myself a lot because of it.

im a roach fan because they are like the holy grail of all bands and i think they have the coolest music.

never ask about the pictures i put up because honestly i have no clue. i get bored extremely fast and have one of the shortest attention spans ever. if i already said that sorry. i love my friends to death. im depressed but am totally working on it(not really). i miss my friends and hate school. im single but sometimes wish i wasn't. i like one of my best friends and i hate it. he knows how i feel but it doesn't make a difference. i ramble about nothing. i tell it like it is. if i don't like you i am going to tell you. if you have a problem with me oh well because i don't care.

i have lost all respect for people and life but whatever. i hate people who act like they are better then me. if any of what hate pertains to you don't bother being my friend.

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