Just something how I feel right this moment bout thing with my grandma..

Mon, May 28, 2012 at 9:52 PM By: **blackest rose**

Every night I feel this whole in my chest come back.. Just the slightest thought of you sends a sharp pain through me! Tears of black I cry I lay my head down at night and scream in my pillow, the person I saw before is gone.. Like something has takin and possed my grandmother. You are my role model in life the one who always new what to say, and now you lay there in your house dying slowly fading away but I am not ready to let you go. Can't you stay a while longer?!? I wish you would I wish God would just make you better insted your tumor grows pinching your intestines it starts to block your left kidney the only kidney your body functioned on. I hate to see you in pain I pray that he takes you so you no longer suffer if it's the right thing but I want you to live to go to my wedding to meet my kids.

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