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    On Apr 07, Magicman94 said:

    That sucks =[ but i bet it's like that everywhere

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    On Feb 20, Magicman94 said:

    Awesome =] i bet those tasted good

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    On Feb 12, Magicman94 said:

    Yeah i guess it's better then doing them =]

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    On Feb 05, Magicman94 said:

    Yeah the playing games was but the college work wasn't lol That sounds awesome =]. That's okay =], i study IT in college cause i'm sad like that lol

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    On Feb 03, Magicman94 said:

    All i have been doing really is college work or playing games lol you? Awesome i bet you will look amazing in it =]

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    On Feb 01, Magicman94 said:

    Awesome i hope you have a really good birthday =] Thanks and that sucks but at least you get money for it =]

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    On Jan 28, Magicman94 said:

    not much is new really, anything new with you? Everything is good how's it going with you? =]

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    On Sep 25, Magicman94 said:

    Everything is good here thanks for asking =], don't worry about replying late I have not been on here in a while either I quite busy too, I miss talking to you too =D

  9. Magicman94 avatar

    On Jun 18, Magicman94 said:

    Hey =] i have been good, how have you been?

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