`Even With The Music....

Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 3:55 PM By: mariam

hey guys, i just wanna noe is anything worthi t evn with p-roach's music?
like sure HE made it thru, sure HES strong enough but am i? and am i evn going anywher or is evrystep i take a distractino to lead em to an abyss? i really need someone anonymous right now.... pls dont ignore.

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    On Mar 12, mariam said:

    lol y ualmost got it th thing is i relate to evrysong but i feel hes so much stronger. like eh made it thru and i feel like im fallin thru.... its like how can evrysong define my soul and then i cant make it through ?!

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    On Mar 11, Cindi Shaddix said:

    Sorry , i cant really read your spelling of things . but i think you are asking ... Jacoby is amazingly strong ... but how is that going to affected you ? am i right ? and if so ... know one can answer this question for you .. relating to music is on a personal level and if you dont think you have it ... then maybe you just dont related to papa roach's music which is ok.. it dose not mean that you can't listen to it . .. with me i relate to almost every song they write which is awesome , but some people cant do that .. and that is 100% fine.

    hope i helped
    <3 , cindi

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