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Hi everyone! My name is Olga or Olya or u also can call me anabioz whatever u like. I am 24 and live in Ukraine. I listen to Papa roach for quite a long time(9 years or so) that's why I can say that I am a huge PRoach fan!I love their songs 'cuz they helped me to come through a lot of shit and still keep me standing! The best their song for me I still think is GAWM, this is my favourite one and also my ringtone 8) At all I like a lot of their songs, Holliwood whore impressed me really and truly to say my iPod filled with PRoach. One thing makes me down I've never seen PRoach live but I'm hoping I will!
I love Riot and it means much for me 'cuz it's a great connection between band and us, rioters.
Also I'd like to know more rioter and looking for new friens!


One of my tats
my tat
Another my fav band SLIPKNOT

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