thoughts on today

Sun, Aug 5, 2007 at 6:34 PM By: keith

today was bullshit. anyone with a crappy summer job will agree with me that some people sit around and dont do shit until the boss checks in and then they start workin. today i was sweeping this big room while m my lazy ass coworker sat on his ass and texted people then i went to get a dust pan and when i get back he is sweepin my pile around while the boss watches him. the only good part of my day happened to be the hardest work we had to do. me and this illegal mexican dude who is prety cool had to pick up yard clippings with my truck while i blasted proach. well i just wanted to get that off my chest about my ass hole coworker and now um hungry so later

  1. kayli avatar

    On Aug 17, kayli said:

    i cant help but laugh cuz i have a verry strong feeling that i know who youre talking about. sorry.

  2. snaredrummer9 avatar

    On Aug 05, snaredrummer9 said:

    aw, thee american dream....

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