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Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 7:37 AM By: lisa76

If you went to a psychic and believed what they said and they told you something about your future you did'nt like would you try and change it or let be what will be?

  1. Bleedingclaw avatar

    On Jun 09, Bleedingclaw said:

    YES i would try to change it.....but since i've got bad luck it'd probably come back and bite me in the ass...karma's a bitch

  2. Busta avatar

    On Jun 09, Busta said:

    I'd say duh...lots of things in the future I won't like...

    and then I'd just live normally

  3. west avatar

    On Jun 09, west said:

    no because what if thats why it happens hmm i believe we choose our own paths in life and what we do in our lives detemins our future

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