Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 2:22 AM By: lisa76

Ok so i spent sunday at download and it was incredible even the gnarly toilets ..ok they were not spectacular but its all part of the experience was what everyone called mullet rock sunday i saw the following bands wonder how many ya know? 'stone gods, Tesla, Skin, Black stone cherry, journey, ZZ Top, Steel Panther (not for easily offended) oh and then....PAPA ROACH...they were awsome i had not seen them live before so i was jumping and throwing my goats up whatever jacoby told us to do we did the weather was incredibly warm and so was the atmosphere they sang all the best songs from lifeline to last resort and hollywood whore, scars, getting away with murder, and more..they loved the crowd as much as we loved them and they are coming back to the uk in october..whos going i sure as hell am....

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    On Jun 15, lisa76 said:

    It was awsome ..i took a chance and dragged my best mate to as near the front as we could get and one guy behind me said i could sit on his shoulders..but i was bouncing around so m uch if i had bounced on his shoulders they would have broken =-) i can't wait till october if your at the gig we will have to meet up..

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    On Jun 15, Hybrid911 said:

    deffo coming back in october? fantastic :) he keeps saying it so it must be true.
    glad you had an awesome time i'd have loved to have been there x

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