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Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 3:10 AM By: A Bad Day Made Worse

After a long hard arguement at band practise I finaly broke up from my band. I quit because I never got to write 1 word in the lyrics and I never even got to choose what I did on the drums I just got told to do this and that. It's not all bad because my friend Max has been learning guitar for 2 years. I told Max I broke up from my band and his responce was "Welcome aboard Hamish". So I'm with a more talented frontman (who can actually sing) and now I get to write whole songs and I get to choose the my drum beat. I'll blog my lyrics when I come up with some so you can comment on my lyrics like what words don't go together. I'll take onboard your advice and blog the improved lyrics. Thanks see ya :P

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    On Jul 23, Vergil Sparda said:

    Now I have the same problem in the band. So good luck 2 u!!! U did everything right)))

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