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About Lindseyy

The name is Lindsey, do me a favor and try not to wear it out.

Ok lets get some things straight...
1 I am NOT emo/scene/ghetto/preppy. I am me, nothing more nothing less.
2 I DO NOT tolerate fakes. If you're too ugly to use your own pics than get the fuck off the internet.
3 I WILL most likely Tell you if I think your a fake, I'm right 99% of the time.
4 I WILL tell you when something is bothering me so PLEASE stop asking me "Are you ok" every other sentence.
5 I WILL Tell you straight up if I don't like something you're doing/saying.
6 If I am being mean to you, I'm most likely just playing around and teasing you. I love everyone and wouldnt do anything to hurt them.
7 I have typing issues
8 I hate it when people say something about me but they won't tell me. It makes me feel like shit, if you cant say it to my face don't say it at all.
9 D0 N0T T4LK LYK D1S, or like thish(Ish meh thish, sawy).It's extremely obnoxious.
I think that's everything that I have an issue with.

I like Converse, Skinny Jeans, and Tight Tees. I dress how I dress, I am who I am. I hide behind these walls I built around me. Afraid to come out. Im always the one that will open my heart to anyone. I trust easily, making everything hurt twice as hard. My love isnt something just anyone can have. Sure Ill tell you that I love you, but I rarely actually mean it like that.

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