*Papa Roach live*

Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 9:52 AM By: elvira89

Hey-hey !
Have U seen Papa Roach live?
I want to hear your thoughts about Papa Roach live show..! ^_^
Did U liked it, What was the best in show?

  1. elvira89 avatar

    On Sep 11, elvira89 said:

    I hope to see them this year in Austria or Germany!!! :)

  2. elvira89 avatar

    On Sep 11, elvira89 said:

    Now I`m searchin for a event near my palce.. I really want to see Papa Roach live!!! :)

  3. mikeroach avatar

    On Aug 16, mikeroach said:

    yes,we were in Weiden/Germany on 28.Juli 2010.Great show in a circus area.

  4. Yogi avatar

    On Dec 21, Yogi said:

    nope.... never but watched vids.....:(((

  5. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Oct 13, Monte's Attic said:

    Yea we saw them for the 8th time in Duluth GA shows keep getting better saw them first time in Times Square for an MTV event back in 1999 long time fans never met them Yet.

  6. Lady Decadence avatar

    On Oct 06, Lady Decadence said:

    Hi, I saw them october 1st. It was AMAZING! I put it on a blog if you'd like to read the whole thing. ; )

  7. KeNNy avatar

    On Sep 05, KeNNy said:

    yeah, I've seen them and I just have no words to describe it =) they're awesome... they sound great, the energy is great, everyone's singin along with the band.. the best experience in my life =]

  8. elvira89 avatar

    On Aug 20, elvira89 said:

    I haven`t seen them too, but I really want......
    I hope that I will see them...^_^

  9. riot girl avatar

    On Aug 19, riot girl said:

    ='( i have never seen them live but i saw videos and man i wish i was there!!!!! ='(

  10. Laura avatar

    On Aug 19, Laura said:

    I have seen them a couple of times live, I get to see them again next Wednesday. They put on the best live show I have ever seen, Jacoby has such great energy and really knows how to get a crowd going,

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