Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 7:00 PM By: EmilyHeller

I have a halloween party to go to in October and I HAVE to dress up. I want do be something fun and sexy but not look like a total slut. Any ideas fellow roaches? :)

  1. crazed_seattleite avatar

    On Oct 08, crazed_seattleite said:

    What about a vampire or a super hero?

  2. ~Little Red~ avatar

    On Sep 28, ~Little Red~ said:

    im gonna be a ladybug :D i found a cute costume on halloweenexpress.com i was planning to be jacoby, but my mom wont let me cuz i have to find all the different pieces to it and put it together myself. she thinks its too much work.

  3. Barrett avatar

    On Sep 24, Barrett said:

    dress up as something good even though that won't be hard

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