Freaking A Man!

Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 5:11 PM By: Emmy

Papa Roach...totally awesome. They have come far . Remember when you 1st heard Last Resort on the radio all those years ago?? I thought "Damn, this is the shit" But its like they keep getting better. I mean there is noting like the classic beginning of a band, but I love how they have changed yet keeping it totally kick ass.
My thanks to this band for doing what they do best!!!!

  1. isiah avatar

    On Jun 17, isiah said:

    PRoach is the shit.the first song i heard was last resort.and i said this is hella sick,but jocobys songs are not just songs he talks about how bad his life was and wat he went through.he also lets people know there not the only ones having trouble in there life thers other people going through the same shit as them.

  2. Fluffnation avatar

    On Aug 30, Fluffnation said:

    yep they rock

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