1. Jinx Horror avatar

    On Aug 21, Jinx Horror said:

    Hiii :)

  2. The Girl Who Ate My Walrus avatar

    On Aug 14, The Girl Who Ate My Walrus said:

    Hey, thanks for the add =]

  3. RioterWesley67 avatar

    On Jul 19, RioterWesley67 said:

    hey :]
    how have you been? haha.

  4. Daniela Calado avatar

    On Jul 12, Daniela Calado said:

    Hey, thanks for add me

  5. RioterWesley67 avatar

    On Jul 10, RioterWesley67 said:

    haha. its alright :]
    hows the weekend going?

  6. Falassion avatar

    On Jul 10, Falassion said:

    Hehe welcome back to the site then xP That's kinda cool, didn't expect to be talking to an old nebraskan xD How have you been doing? :P

  7. RioterWesley67 avatar

    On Jun 27, RioterWesley67 said:

    haha. whats up? :]

  8. Onlinesongs avatar

    On Jun 26, Onlinesongs said:

    im fine, got a terrible hangover though!

  9. Falassion avatar

    On Jun 25, Falassion said:

    You used to live in Nebraska? O: That's kinda cool xP

  10. Falassion avatar

    On Jun 25, Falassion said:

    I didn't know you lived in Nebraska? xP That sounds fun.. I go swimming in these sandpits outside the next town over.. though I can't really swim :P

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