1 year

Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 9:46 AM By: KeNNy

Well, today is my 1st paparoach.com "birthday" =) It's been exactly a year since I joined the site.

I don't write many blogs (yeah I know I promised a blog about the Poland concert and haven't written it yet, I'm sorry), but I thought today might be a good time to write another one.

It feels like I've been here since ever, not only a year ^^ Ok, but basically I just wanted to say the usual things. Like I'm glad I've got to know so many great people through this site, found few very good friends, even one of my best internet friends nee-chee ;) ...

And of course I can't forget to mention the VIP thing, which I got thanks to this web as well and which was one of the greatest experience ever =)

So one big THANK YOU to all of you, you're fantastic guys, and rock on! =]

  1. Rescuee avatar

    On Apr 21, Rescuee said:

    THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!:-)

  2. nee-chee avatar

    On Feb 17, nee-chee said:

    hey, happy belated birthday!!!!
    hope you are fine!!!

  3. VictoriaxLeighh avatar

    On Feb 01, VictoriaxLeighh said:

    Happy "birthday" lol keep rockin!

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