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    On Apr 07, **blackest rose** said:

    eh.. for a two bedroom 2 bath apartment, in San Antonio its like $600.00 a month plus your utitlities and it would still come out cheaper living their instead of this town.. but living here is so expensive because of the oil boom. But once its over everyone that lives here is going to move 1 because they can't afford it and 2 because they have no reason being here any more haha

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    On Mar 27, **blackest rose** said:

    omg... House here were I live is fucking expensive :o haha I could move with my mom but I am not ready to leave this town just yet :/

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    On Feb 12, **blackest rose** said:

    haha yes :p I got some donuts tonight... they are sooo good! :'(

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    On Feb 07, **blackest rose** said:

    haha thats cool though! (: at least your not just taking collage math english science or history... :p

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    On Feb 03, **blackest rose** said:

    That sounds like soo much fun :p I have been working and school, next year I am going to be moving to San Antonio, Texas. I will be attending a Cosmetology school there, so right now I am just trying to save up.
    Awe your a doll!! thnx ^^ I am so glad this is my last year :0 haha
    what are you studying in collage??

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    On Feb 02, **blackest rose** said:

    yeah... Soooooo wacha been up too? :p lol I got my prom dress today :o its red haha

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    On Jan 29, **blackest rose** said:

    well umm.. my birthday is in 11 days!! I am super excited about that haha.. other than that nope nothing new :p thats good I am happy to hear things are going good there!! Evrything is going fine just been working a lot :p

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    On Jan 27, **blackest rose** said:

    So what is new with you love? I hope everything is going good!!! :)

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    On Dec 24, **blackest rose** said:

    Thats great! I am glad to hear :) hope all is well :p love you hun miss ya

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    On Nov 13, As Far As I Remember said:

    Yo, thanks for the request!

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