wieners...big fucking wieners

Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 4:04 PM By: fawrphul

i realize now that im suffering form papa roach withdrawl! it will be 2 weeks tomorrow since i saw them in toronto. ill admit i was there for hinder...i didn't realize papa roach was still around, and last i remember of the band was way back in the getting away with murder days. i quickly fell in love however! rob and i were in the first row, tobin was standing right in front of us. when jacoby walked out, my mouth fell open, heart started pounding and when he belted out Between Angels and Insects i melted as fast as butter on the hot and humid day. in what i was later to learn, in typical shaddix style , he ran off stage and into the audience to rouse fans. i thought this came surprisingly early in the performance with song #3. bet the reasoning behind it was that, despite giving show goers everything, he had a hard time getting the middle aged bitches there for nickelback off their asses and rock out like your supposed to at a fucking rock concert!. Nevertheless, jacoby who wasn’t about to accept such a lacklustre reception and carried on, climbing his way to the 400 section with 2 security men following his every move. a stupid set time of 6:40pm on a fucking 30+ day not including the humidity, im sure didn't help the crowd's lack of enthusiasm.
during "Lifeline” jacoby spewed water into the air like a fountain and effectively showered me and the rest of us close to the stage.“Last Resort” was the last of the set, finally most people in the stands got off their asses, on their feet and started cheering. Though it had taken the guys seven songs to win over the impervious crowd, indeed they had won us over and ended the show on a high note.
that my friends, is why im a papa roach fan. well that and jacoby is a fucking gawd...and the hottest rocker alive :-P
now im gonna go walk frodo (my border collie/bull mastiff), and bbq up some of the biggest wieners ive seen in my life.

  1. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Aug 25, Monte's Attic said:

    Sorry the crowed was laim They rocked the house here in Atlanta last week I have seen them several times and never a bad show.


  2. Jayden705 avatar

    On Aug 22, Jayden705 said:

    Ha! i was there too! That crowd was so lame. We were in the front too, right in front of Coby. The energy he puts out is amazing!

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