Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 5:35 PM By: fawrphul

my boyfriend manages a restaurant. sometimes little tramps come in and flirt with him. no big deal, he comes home to me every night and i know what to do to keep him happy and satisfied. it just really pisses me off when little tramps who know he's taken, who know me and see me standing waiting for him to break decide to flirt big time. this particular little skank asked when he was gonna ditch the bitch and take her up on her offer!!!
im bi-polar, with a wicked temper...the bitch is lucky we were at the restaurant otherwise she's be breathing threw her ass : /
thing is rob's 24 and this little cunt is still a little teenie-bopper (no offence to my teenage friends, i just think its sick ) who still has a curfew!
fuck, i should pop a pill or something. i know where the little cunt lives and im doing everything in my power to calm down and not end up in jail on assault charges...and it would be assault on a minor to boot! maybe a bath and a bong will the seroquel, no point being pissed and dopey, right?

  1. Kendall_Kadabra avatar

    On Aug 31, Kendall_Kadabra said:

    kick her fucking ass

  2. starrysky13 avatar

    On Aug 23, starrysky13 said:

    good for you!
    kick the bitch's sorry ass!

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