Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 11:12 AM By: fawrphul

argh, i keep forgetting what my password is, very annoying. my god-mother/second mom/dear friend phoned me today. she found out last friday that she had breast cancer. she goes for a full mastectomy on wednesday! i have a few family friends that are also battling with breast cancer but its never hit this close to home before. ive decided to show support for brenda, im going to 1. quit smoking and 2. grow my hair long enough so 10 inches can be taken off and made into a wig. now im not going to shave my head...i love brenda to death but me with no hair, no thanks. my cousin steph did this just a few months ago, after grandpa died. she grew her hair about 12 inches past her shoulders, then got it chopped off (just the 12 inches) and donated it to the cancer society. i wish i could do more. i want to promise her everything will be alright but how can i say that when i don't know if its true? i just want to wrap her in my arms and make it all better. if only it was that easy. i love you brendall, you've helped make me the person i am today. you took me in when i was a wild drug addicted teen and no one else would give me the chance. you believed in me, helped me grow. you gave me my first only for me pet...nibs drives me crazy sometimes, but he's the best birthday present ive ever gotten...fuck i gotta stop.

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