Am I crazy?

Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 12:49 AM By: Ferrettrix

So, let me break this down for you...
1. I'm a college student in cooperative housing (so a house of 16 girls, not a dorm
2. My roommate violates our roommate agreement
3. The RA encourages and supports this
4. The hall complex director backs the RA
5. They want me to renegotiate the contract to make the violations OK
6. I can't move out of housing w/o paying $833 for the next 2 quarters (OSU is still on the quarter system)
7. There was a housing shortage this year, so I can't move to other university housing
8. The RA harasses me all the time and has told me that I manipulate people to get out of doing work despite the fact that I've done all of my chores in full this whole year (ASH housing makes you cook and clean for a 30% reduction on housing costs)
9. The other girls here make up lies about me and spread them about behind my back (minus the few that actually talk to me)
10. Now the assistant hall director is threatening to report me to her supervisor for refusing to meet with the RA and my roommate to renegotiate the contract (and might I add there has been no consequences for my roommate for the continued violations-only total acceptance of it)
11. I'm sleeping on the basement floor in the storage room by the furnace to avoid being around my bitchy, disrespectful roommate and still can't get any peace
12. Anytime I'm in a common area after I get back from work (so like midnight) the RA gets on me saying it looks like you're going to go to sleep, you can't sleep there, you're not allowed to do this, that, and whatever and I'll be wide awake and working on homework or w/e....(b/c I slept in the livingroom for like a week when my roommate was spraying shit in out room even though she knew it made me sick when she did that-& she totally lied to the RA during our agreement and said that I just said that I didn't like the smell of them even though I sent her e-mails and stuff months b/f I met her saying otherwise)
13. Our rooms next to the house manager's room and Amanda (evil roomie) slams the door all the time and then lied to the house manager and said it wasn't her even though I was in class when it happened (w/ another girl from the house as my witness) and the house manager's still gave me shit when I had proof that she was lying
14. Food manager brings all her friends down to the basement when I'm watching TV and starts making all kinds of noise so I can't hear my show and have to leave even though there's a study room, living room, and dining room that they could have been in instead (house manager does the same thing)

Am I crazy or is this as bad as it seems? People say that I try to make it sound worse than it is, but they don't know what it's like to be considered a freak by everyone and treated as such. To me, it's like show me the same respect that I show you..that's all I ask. I've never asked Amanda to do anything I don't do myself, just be considerate of others. Then b/c she fits in with the other girls here, it's like they all take her side b/c I refuse to conform to their often airheaded ways. I'm just so tired of fighting with all of these people and just want some peace and justice. We both signed the agreement and are supposed to abide by it, but she doesn't and no ones does anything. Don't know what to do......... I can't take it here anymore.....what do y'all think? Crazy? Or just totally getting screwed over here? Is 30% off housing really worth living w/ all of this?

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    On Nov 20, Ferrettrix said:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yeah, I really need out of here...just can't b/c the university housing wants to gouge you for money every possible way it can. Plus, it'd mess up my work-study component of my scholarship, I'd lose like $2500 a quarter...not good. Well, thanks for the reply! I'm taking it one day at a time hoping to keep my sanity by the end of all of this! Later!

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    On Nov 20, Grizzlybar2289 said:

    your not crazy. I can't believe that that stuff happens. I know here at college people are annoying but no where near what your saying. it really sucks u can't get out of the agreement though

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    On Nov 20, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    O.O i got no idea!

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