Brother died

Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 3:16 AM By: Ferrettrix

He was declared brain dead yesterday at about 10am (read last post), they ran a 2nd test evaluated by another doctor who confirmed it. He was taken of the ventilator at around 5 and died at 5:21. He went peacefully surrounded by friends, family, and love. We're all gonna miss him so much. Wish I could tell the guys of Papa Roach just how much the Youngstown concert meant to hum on his 22nd b-day..we did the whole VIP deal..pic's still up here on the site...the show was so amazing and made him so happy..hope the guys know how much they affect much what they do means....Eric (bro) was usually depressed and lonely (gf cheated and left a week or so b/f their anniversary when he was gonna pop the question..made the ring himself...was studying metalsmithing)...but after the concert he was so happy and couldn't stop telling everyone about it and showing the stuff I bought him there..they gained a new fan if only for a couple of weeks...gonna miss him so much..already do...this just can't be to be alone w/ him b/f he died..kept begging him to fight, to not leave me, to just open his eyes, anything...he just couldn''s just not fair....

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    On Dec 04, Ferrettrix said:

    Thanks...the concert was great and we did have a lot of fun...didn't get to do things together much...glad we had that time on his birthday

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    On Dec 04, Ferrettrix said:

    Thanks...we're gonna miss him so much..already do...

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    On Dec 04, Ferrettrix said:

    Thanks so much...he's gonna be missed very much....Christmas is around the corner...not looking forward to that....*sigh*....just want my life back

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    On Dec 04, Ferrettrix said:

    Thanks..yeah he had a good time. That's the last time I ever saw him b/f the hospital and the last time I ever spoke to him 'cause he never got a new cell phone plan...procrastinator...

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    On Dec 04, Ferrettrix said:

    Don't know...just keep holding on...can't do much else

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    On Dec 04, Ferrettrix said:

    Thanks..funeral's today..think the hardest part's over for the moment...

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    On Nov 29, Karina P said:

    So sorry to hear about this tragedy that has come upon your family!! I am thankful that you have the memories of the concert with him!! You will cherish those forever...he will always be looking over you...take care. My thoughts are with you!! Hugs...Karina

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    On Nov 28, vern93 said:

    thats soo so sorry for you loss : (

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    On Nov 28, Lady Decadence said:

    ... crying my eyes out right now ... can hardly see a word ... wish you much strength and more love ... thanks so much for sharing this ...

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    On Nov 28, jules1972 said:

    I was so sorry to hear of your very sad loss. it's never easy to lose someone close to u especially in such tragic circumstances and to one so young with his whole life ahead of him. it sounds like u taking him to the PR gig made him very happy and hopefully this will be one of his last happy memories as well as all the love u and your family must have shown him.
    U and ur family are in my thoughts at this very sad time.xx

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